Mainfreight Integrations - Transport

As a general rule, no matter what system is selected for the Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP), so long as it can transmit output files to a specification, our system is able to take these files in and process out as purposed. Most modern systems offer a range of tailored solutions for business processes, however it is worth asking your vendor generally about integration capabilities in light of any final decision. Sometimes third-party integration specialists likewise can manage projects start to finish.

Where our own speicification XML files cannot be easily developed, native output files will require mapping and translating to meet any one of our two specifications (whether purposed into Freman, or directly into our Transport Management System). While software can be purchased off the shelf, our .XML output is a bespoke file that is developed and thoroughly tested before we use this in our system. Regardless, testing of files taylored to your business scenarios is part of the overall integration project.

Direct vs Freman (via Mainchain)

The decision to go ahead with either our TMS or Freman system is an important discovery conversation. With a few qualifier questions, we can determine whether integrating directly into our TMS or via our Freman dispatch system is the best fit. System capability or dispatch process may hold the catalyst to where we scope such a project. Furthermore, whether there are specific Dangerous Goods or Hire Pallet requirements, we are happy to review the dispatch process for best approach.

Briefly, Freman is our customer facing application that allows for the management of printing consignment notes, Hire Equipment management and Dangerous Goods Declarations. This is accessed via our portal For those who are already used to using Freman via Mainchain, an integration upgrade here can removing data entry and increasing accuracy. Alternatively, if your WMS or ERP system software has capability to produce suitable consignment notes and label paperwork, or if to streamline the dispatch process weighs importance, the direct TMS option might be a better solution.

Please click here to find out more information about Freman label printing support and specifications.

API Capabilities (Transport and Warehousing)

Complimentary to raising consignment notes, we have various APIs that can add value directly within your own system. A popular API for transport is our status messaging where our system can communicate in real time the whereabouts of any given order. Once a POD is available, a web link can document the receipt on demand within your own software.  Additional APIs aid the management of stock for warehousing and raising inwards or outwards orders. It is highly recommended to visit our developer portal at for more information.

If there are any questions or further thoughts on any of these points, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your sales representative or call the IT office for more information.

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