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Whether you are sending one pallet down the road, a full truck load to the other side of the country or shipments across the globe, our team is here to help. We are your go to global supply chain logistics partner.

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Our Mainfreight 100-year vision evolves daily. It is a lifelong outlook.

Our Mainfreight 100-year vision evolves daily. It is a lifelong outlook.

The scale of our business today provides a springboard for our future which is both exponential and exciting. Our commitment to growth is unwavering, as we continue to invest in our network, our people and our technology to ensure our long-term success.

The three pillars of Mainfreight


“Special people, Special company” embodies Mainfreight and its unique culture. We have developed a style of doing business, successful not only in Australia, but around the world.


We promote our people from within, and encourage innovative, non-hierarchical and decisive outlooks. Our team regard each other as a family and share mealtimes.


All decisions that we make are on the basis that we will be here for another 100 years. This view shapes our approach to recruitment and training of team members, customers and supplier relationships.

Global Visibility

With time and significant investment, our technology has become increasingly sophisticated. Our platforms around the world are mostly common in origin and integrated to provide global visibility to ourselves and our customers for their complete supply chain requirements. These platforms not only provide simple track-and-trace, but are also able to manage stock flows and optimisation of trade to ensure efficiency and accuracy at all times; a significant strategic value.

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Latest News

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17 May 2024 | Announcement

Air & Ocean Market Update | Ocean Freight The Far East West Bound

The Far East West Bound trade is facing a challenging period with various factors contributing to the difficulties currently being experienced by importers and shipping lines including inventory management, transit times, transshipment congestion, supply / capacity management and equipment shortages. 

05 May 2024 | Announcement

NZ - EU Free Trade Agreement | 5 May 2024

The free trade agreement between New Zealand and the European Union, one of the globe's largest trading blocs, took effect on May 1, 2024.

25 April 2024 | Announcement

Summer Olympics Paris 2024

From 26 July to 11 August, 10,000 athletes will come to Paris for the biggest sporting event in the world: the Olympic Games. Followed by the Paralympic Games from 28 August to 8 September 2024. Read what logistical impact this event has to the deliveries in Paris. 

Thinking a career at Mainfreight could be your next step?

Thinking a career at Mainfreight could be your next step?

Click the link below to find out what it's like to work alongside the best people, make real-life decisions and be part of an ever growing global family.


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Getting to grips with CO2 emissions in your supply chain

Each year, the transportation of billions of tonnes of cargo via planes, trucks, ships, and trains accounts for approximately 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making the logistics sector a notable contributor to worldwide CO2 emissions.

Continuous Growth: The Importance of Training and Development in the Supply Chain

A great workplace stands out by prioritising its people. With Australian logistics workers spending 42 hours weekly on the job—30.35% more than the national average—supporting the team's wellbeing is essential. Inadequately trained or overworked team members risk compromising customer satisfaction, leading to damaged freight and financial losses. A truly exceptional workplace fosters continuous learning, provides growth opportunities, and prioritises the team's welfare. 

The Crucial Connection: Biosecurity and Logistics

In the logistics industry, where the global movement of goods is constant, stringent biosecurity protocols are indispensable. Importers must provide essential documents and adhere to strict protocols. Navigating these procedures can be daunting, but Mainfreight offers invaluable assistance. With dedicated air and sea freight depots, temperature-controlled storage and fumigation services, Mainfreight ensures smooth transportation while meeting biosecurity requirements.

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