Our approach to sustainability

Our team culture means sustainability is not a top-down directive or bureaucratic process, but is driven from the ground up, by teams that are empowered to make their own decisions. It is they who take responsibility to make their branch, their business, and their world, just that little bit better today than it was yesterday.

Sustainability and Environmental Management

Our People

  • Team Health and Wellness programs
  • Ensuring living wages for entry level roles
  • Team leadership development with our own Outward Bound and Main Divide programs
  • Tertiary scholarships for family of Mainfreight team members

Our Community

Our Place

  • Major solar installations on sites across New Zealand, Australia and Europe totalling over 5,500 kWp
  • Modern fleet (all <10 years old) predominantly Euro 5 and 6 vehicles
  • Major infrastructure investment in rail capacity with rail sided sites across our network.
  • Rain water capture and storage at all major sites
  • Grey water recycling at all major sites for truck wash, sprinkler systems etc
  • Repurposing waste like pallets (into furniture or stowage aids)
  • Waste exchange agreements to redirect waste from landfill for shrink-wrap and polystyrene
  • Hungry bins, on site composting and branch gardens
  • Small vehicle fleet (team cars) moving towards hybrid and electric along with onsite charging stations
  • High proportion of electric forklifts and material handling equipment
  • Progressing trials and explorations of electric truck opportunities across all regions

Our Economy

  • Youth work skills training programme 
  • Increasing rail capability and capacity to reduce road congestion and heavy traffic
  • Developing our own inland container port to reduce inner-city congestion at Port of Auckland

Some of our operational programs and initiatives around sustainability include:

  • Preparing our Annual Report with Reference to the GRI Standards. You can download our report from our Reports Library 
  • Verifying our GHG Emissions Inventory to ISO 14064-1: 2018 by Toitu Envirocare. You can see our  previous emissions reports in our Reports Library  
  • Mainfreight are a Smart Freight Centre Member. We support and follow their framework to measuring supply chain emissions
  • We continue to develop our GHG emissions reporting tools for customers. We can provide an accurate inventory of their supply chain emissions, from local deliveries through to international shipments
  • Mainfreight have our own domestic emission factors in New Zealand, peer reviewed by Toitu Envirocare
Mainfreight Sustainability Overview 2022

Mainfreight Sustainability Overview 2022

Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

Mainfreight is pleased to provide our 2023 Annual Report for your interest

Mainfreight Sustainability Policy

Mainfreight Sustainability Policy

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all


Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We welcome the opportunity to present our global emissions inventories. With this disclosure to ISO 14064-1 :2018, Mainfreight intends to demonstrate best practice in emissions reporting and reinforce its commitment to better understanding and, ultimately, improving our operational carbon emissions performance. Our inventories are independently verified by Toitū Envirocare and follow the six categories structure of the new standard rather than the closely aligned Scopes 1-3. A significant feature of this carbon disclosure is the inclusion of emissions on the basis of operational control (not financial control). It is our belief that if we can exercise reasonable influence over an emissions source then we must include it. As a result we incorporate emissions from vehicles operated by owner drivers and agents, rail providers, shipping lines and airlines that support our service offering to customers. For full details and wider explanation of our emissions inventories, please refer to our Greenhouse Gas Inventory Reports in the below:

Sustainability and Information Technology

Reducing the environmental impact of IT infrastructure is important.  Our data centres in New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America are as energy efficient as possible through initiatives including:
  • Minimising computer room space to minimise cooling requirements
  • Installing efficient cooling systems
  • Using virtualisation to reduce hardware required, - and heat generated – Mainfreight currently runs 48 major applications across only 12 physical servers
  • Using hardware with variable energy management systems – running at full capacity only on an “as needed” basis

Future Sustainability Developments and Leadership

Mainfreight is actively committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.  Mainfreight will develop partnerships in the wider community to promote socially responsible environmental practices and show leadership in managing the use of finite resources.

Mainfreight’s commitment to sustainability, safety, health and the environment has been, and continues to be, a fundamental element of our operating practices and success to date.

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