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Global Digital Team Meeting | February 2020

Posted on 24 February 2020

Global Digital TeamTeam members from around the world arrived into Auckland for the first ever Global Digital Team meeting. With Auckland being the home of Mainfreight, this was the ideal place for the meeting to the held.
The main objective for this meeting was to get the team together face to face and to discuss how we best utilise our digital tools, being our website and social media, to build our brand recognition and our social media followers globally.

Taking the team on a Tiki Tour

Before we got down to business, our team from the Netherlands, Melbourne and Los Angeles were taken on a tour of Auckland. We all enjoyed taking in the full city views from the top of Mt Eden, fish and chips on the beach at Mission Bay and of course no Mainfreight tour is complete without giving our wheels for the day, the Training Centre van, a good clean ready for the next day. 

Building our brand recognition globally, how do we get there?

We were lucky enough to have some key people in our business, Don Braid, Craig Evans and Kevin Drinkwater, sit down and talk with us about how we can reach our goals of increasing our social media followers and to build our global brand recognition.

Our culture is very important to us. We need to highlight our people – talk about our team celebrating milestones, talk about our traditions that have been with the company from the very beginning. Continue to focus on our company values and show people what we are about – Special People, Special Company.

We discussed ways we can be a better resource to the market by putting a stronger focus on sharing the informative and resourceful content that our online audiences are looking for. “We want people to like us, follow us and trust us” – Craig Evans.

Collectively as a team we need to create brand awareness and excitement about our business where our brand is not as recognised - Asia, The Americas and Europe. This will help build trust and relationships with our customers.

The users experience

One of the key take away for this week was the user experience and how we can continue to improve on this. By making the experience easier for our users and providing good, quality information, this will entice people to keep on coming back to us. We are currently working on developments within our digital space to improve this – watch this space!

Taking back to our part of the world

Well it was one hell of a week but was definitely beneficial for all our team. We will take back these key points to our regions and start putting them into action to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Success is a journey not a destination.