Consolidated services sea freight

We offer you CONSOL BOX – a sustainable and cost efficient solution for import and/or export of your sea freight.
With Consol box we collect and combine sea freight of several customers into one container. This makes Consol box a cost efficient and sustainable solution for the import- and/or export by sea.

Overview of our sea freight services

From China    
Hong Kong  24 days                                closing 7 days before sailing (*)
Ningbo 29 days closing 4 days before sailing
Shanghai 24 days closing 4 days before sailing
Shenzhen / Yantian                     23 days closing 7 days before sailing
Xiamen 25 days closing 4 days before sailing
From India    
Tuticorin 21 days closing 3 days before sailing
To New-Zealand    
Auckland 38 days closing 7 days before sailing

(*) Closing depends on the actual sailing list. Please check with us or e-mail your request to and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.


The ECO-Service combines economical benefit with sustainability. The aim of this concept is to get fully loaded containers but without compromising on transit times and service. As a result of this, customers are assured they pay the best price possible and together we avoid “empty miles”. Therefore, the benefits of the ECO-Service are economical as well as ecological and that offers great opportunities for all parties involved.

Global network

Our comprehensive global network avoids 3rd party involvement and ensures a local contact at each point of the supply chain.

Local service

Our decentralised customer service teams are located in each branch, making decisions as close to the operations and our customers as possible. This provides timely, accurate information on shipment status, reducing the time your team may spend managing freight movements.

Customs expertise

Our in house teams will manage customs, quarantine and duty changes to reduce compliance risks and costs. We offer a range of services including customs audits, tariff concession orders and much more.

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