Our own in house customs teams manage handling your customs clearance, from general customs entries to consultancy on every scale.


Navigating global shipping regulations can be complex due to differing requirements from country to country. Our dedicated in-house customs brokerage team simplifies the process by handling all administrative procedures and requirements. By relying on our team, you can minimise compliance risks and expenses linked to delivering your goods to their intended destination.

How can we help you to move freight internationally?

Customs declarations

Our customs team prepares both customs clearances (standard and special regulations) and transit documents. Additionally, the team looks after different types of certificates (ATR, COO, EUR etc.) to accompany a shipment.

Excises duties

In case of excise transport to Belgium from another member state, we can take care of closing your e-AD and drawing up an AC4 document. Excise transport from a third country is also part of our range of tasks.

Tap into our expertise

Our customs team can provide expert knowledge in solving complex customs or excise matters or advise with the clear objective to deliver significant cost saving initiatives and innovation within this vital part of the supply chain. Also, information can be provided on how to apply for customs licenses.

Document Requirements

As a global business, we have at hand the details of specific document requirements needed in Belgium and around the world. This includes invoicing, country of origin certificates etc. A full check on documentation and other requirements is done in order to deliver a shipment to its final destination in an efficient way.

Global Reach, local service

Our in-house licensed customs brokers are located in each branch, making decisions as close to the operations and our customers as possible. Abroad, we are supported where necessary by our own Mainfreight network and qualified, experienced partners.

Certified Partner

We are certified as a full authorised economic operator (AEO), giving is trusted status with Belgian Customs. The AEO certificate gives certain advantages such as: fast track service is there are any delays at Customs controls, improved Customs compliance, reduced inspections by customs, easier access to simplified customs permits and others. Other certificates include ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22000.

If you are looking for successful customs clearances, please consider this:

Commercial invoice

The following items must be included on the commercial invoice:
  • Goods description including statistic codes (HS-codes)
  • Gross & nett weight; packaging types and amount
  • Packing list
  • Value per piece and the Total value of the shipment
  • Currency of the transaction
  • Country of origin and destination
  • Name and address of importer and exporter
  • Bank details of the importer and exporter
  • Delivery conditions (Incoterms)
  • Date of issue
  • Optional: declaration of preferential origin / Rex number


Economic Operators Registration and Identification number.

Since January 31, 2010, all companines awarded and EORI number, this number is mandatory identification used in the data with Customs.

Direct representation

As an importer or exporter, you can decide to choose a reliable partner to take care of all your customs formalities. At Mainfreight we have our own in-house Customs team, with specialist knowledge and experience. Direct representation allows us to file a customs declaration on behalf of and payable by our customers. In order to do this, all we need is a signed approval. Because of customs and tax regulation, we are obliged to have this approval signed by the owner of the goods and in our possession. This authorisation is revocable for you at any time. 

Download here the agreement Direct Representation Agreement

Limited Fiscal representation

Limited fiscal representation allows goods to be imported into the EU without paying import VAT. Only payment of import duties, if applicable, will be charged. This offers a significant liquidity advantage. Limited fiscal representation can be used when goods are imported into one EU member state having been sold to a company in another EU member state.

With the Limited Fiscal Representation we can act as a fiscal agent for companies who import goods into the EU. Also for this, all we need is a signed approval which is revocable at any time.

Veterinary products

Veterinary products are:

  • Live animals
  • Products of animal origin (e.g. meat, fish, wild and feed)
  • Food (e.g. vegetables, dried fruit, spices, nuts and seeds)

When importing these products are often special measures taken in connection with the protection of public health. Here one must think of the time providing the appropriate paperwork (health, ingredients lists etc,), inspection by the FDA and Customs: The VWA also carries out checks on consumer products like toys, Christmas lights and electrical appliances.


Want to know more?

Please get in touch with our Customs Team to discuss the process and possibilities.

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