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Q&A: Updating Your Details


Why are we doing this?


Keeping our customers' information safe is of utmost importance to us. 

With online threats becoming more and more of a risk, with scammers and phishers increasingly becoming more creative in their approach, we are strengthening our defences and to do that, we need your help making your log in accounts harder to crack.


What are the new rules?



We are moving away from random usernames and implementing the use of email addresses instead.  We are encouraging the use of a single account per customer user so that the website can be customised to individual preferences. It means better experience, and less time updating your settings to get to the information you need.

We are also hoping that it will encourage customer administrators to update user accounts when team members move on and new ones take over.  Using someone else's log in details surely is not a natural thing to do!



We are leading the pack in using passphrases instead of passwords, as longer and more complex combination of words mean more security.  If the passphrase is well thought out by the individual and means something to them, it will be memorable and harder to forget!

If you are not sure what passphrases are, these are phrases like "youknownothingjonsnow". But steer clear from popular phrases that hackers might have in their library!  Make it personal, for example something like "mycathadthreebabies"

We now require a minimum of 14 characters. But you know what, although it IS case sensitive it does NOT need to have any capital letters or any special characters, just straight forward 14 characters minimum.


What if I don't have an email address?


Please refer to your Mainchain administrator or your manager/supervisor if there is a group company email address that can be used.  


What if the account is being used by multiple team members?


It is ideal that each user have their own log in account.  Please contact your account manager if you would like to be set up with your own one.

If for any reason that multi-user account is preferred, every team member that accesses the account would have to be informed of the new username and password after updating.


What if I there are multiple email addresses that came up? 


Only one email address is preferred, so choose or enter just one.  If multiple email addresses were in our records for the purpose of email notification, we will not lose this information as we have a different place where we keep this.


What if I don't want to update?


You can choose to opt out by clicking Cancel.  The prompt will keep coming up every time you log in unless you contact our Mainchain team.  You can do this by filling up the Feedback form within Mainchain, which we will use to get in touch with you.



NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.