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Cargo insurance

Obviously, Mainfreight does everything in its power to prevent and/or limit damages. However just like in regular traffic, something might go wrong during transport. Mainfreight offers you peace of mind by making sure your goods are always properly insured.
Just in case something goes wrong, you need to be aware of the legal framework regarding damages by transport companies, in case something goes wrong.

For instance, did you know standard industry liability does not cover all of your potential costs? The owner (of the goods) can suffer serious consequences, because just a part of the costs are compensated.


Transport within Belgium or Europe 

A laptop is transported within Belgium or Europe, the laptop is transported under CMR conditions. These conditions also rely on a certain redress per kilogram. Currently this is 8,33 SDR.

(SDRs are international foreign exchange reserve assets. These fluctuate and are calculated by several factors. At this moment one kilogram of goods is worth about € 9,50 / € 10,00. For more information regarding SDRs please visit the website of IMF

The laptops value is estimated at € 500,-. However the laptop only weighs 2 kilogram.
In case a damage occurs, the transport company can be held accountable for:

2 kg x 8,33 SDR = € 20,00


To prevent a gap between the redress and the actual value, Mainfreight offers two solutions.

1. Annual insurance

This type of insurance is based on the annual turnover of your transport. Its acquired only once and covers all of your shipments. This insurance is ideal when you transport goods on a regular basis.

2. Insurance per consignment

Insuring per consignment makes sure one specific shipment is properly insured based on the value of the goods. If you don´t have your goods transported on a regular basis, this is probably your best solution.

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