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If you’re looking for a Logistics partner to outsource product, our specialist teams can cover all your logistics needs:

Why tie up your capital in a warehouse? 

Partnering with a logistics professional will save you time and money in your supply chain, from:

  • Importing your product via sea freight or air freight
  • Customs clearance and MAF biosecurity clearance
  • Transport to one of our many secure warehouse
  • Our freight forwarding takes care of your distribution, whether it’s international or domestic
  • And our metro cartage looks after local deliveries

Freight consolidation with a logistics partner reduces unnecessary costs, while our world class reporting systems create accurate and timely reporting.  You can view on a real-time basis your inventory and the status of orders and, if required, place orders for product directly into our online system.

With our world class technology inventory management and reporting is no longer a headache. 

If your business needs outsourced pick, pack and despatch, contact our logistics team now.

Logistics Solutions For Your Industry

Mainfreight Logistics New Zealand and Australia provide specialist warehousing and distribution solutions in Australasia, across all industry sectors including:

  • FMCG
  • High value goods
  • Entertainment and media
  • General media
  • Hazardous goods specialists
  • Food grade product
  • Glass
  • Wine and other alcohols

Whether you have one pallet or one hundred pallets, Mainfreight provides an integrated supply chain logistics solution for you. We commit a dedicated team to your product, and only your team will pick & pack and despatch to your customer. 

Logistics New Zealand

With over 25 separate warehouses and over 200,000 m2 of warehousing space throughout Australasia, Mainfreight Logistics have world class facilities.
Our warehouses are linked to a global technology system which allows you to manage your stock held in any of our warehousing facilities worldwide to support your logistics requirements.

We can tailor a flexible solution, variable or fixed price, which may include:

  • Co-ordination with your international or local manufacturing partners
  • Customs clearance and MAF biosecurity clearance if required
  • Quality Control inspections of inwards receipted products
  • Stock control, along with daily, weekly and monthly stock checks
  • Warehousing – short or long term storage
  • Pick and pack services across all package types from single units to pallets
  • Despatch whether  local, domestic or international cartage
  • Stock checks daily, weekly and monthly are standard

With the ability to utilise any of Mainfreight’s multiple logistics warehouses your stock is located at one, or several locations, benefiting you in time and cost savings.  

Logistics Supply Chain Specialist Team

If you spend more time worrying about the logistics of your business than actually doing business, our supply chain specialists will bring their years of logistics experience to enhance and strengthen your supply chain.

Reduce costs and save time in your business, contact our logistics specialist team.

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