21 January 2013

FMCG Logistics and Retail Warehousing

Managing FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) demands accuracy, flexibility and complete transparency to ensure your products hit the shelves in the optimal time frame.  Our team at Sydney Rd specialise in inventory management efficiency to ensure constant availability and quick replenishment on the shelf of fast moving goods utilizing:

  • Pick and Pack
  • Scan Pack
  • Expiry code tracking
  • Product recall control and records retrieval
  • Safety stock levels and safety alerts

With 10,000m2 of warehousing space, addition bulk storage, hard stand space and multiple loading docks, the facility has all the features needed in the efficient handling and storage of any volume of freight.

Bonded Warehousing at Sydney Rd

Importing alcohol or other bonded products you need to adhere to strict customs regulations. Our Sydney Rd warehouse operates and offers our customers the benefits of Customs Bonded storage including:

  • Cash flow advantage for customers waiting to sell their product
  • Deferred duty and tax payment until products are sold
  • Products can be re-exported to their origin and no duty will have to be paid

Food Grade Warehousing at Sydney Rd

Our Sydney Rd adheres to the strict food grade warehousing requirements to ensure the health and safety of your food grade products.

Location, Location, Location

Our Sydney Rd branch is located within minutes to major supermarket and retail distribution centres and within 5 kilometres to our Campbellfield transport depot for complete control over freight movements.

Just 20km from the Melbourne CBD our FMCG warehouse is positioned on the service road of the Hume HWY in Melbourne’s northern suburbs giving direct access to Craigieburn bypass and 5 minute drive to the Western Ring Rd.

Find out more information about FMCG and retail warehousing; contact the team at Sydney Rd, who would enjoy discussing any enquiry.

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