Mainchain Customer Portal

Through Mainchain we are able to provide global visibility to our customers of their entire supply chain across all regions and divisions within our business.

As a Mainfreight customer, Mainchain allows you to...

Access Real Time Data

Mainchain provides an instant view of all your current activities across all services in real time, 24/7.

Control User Access

With administration rights you can:
  • Add / remove users
  • Individually personalise and restrict access so each user can view and manage different areas of your company’s global supply chain
  • Reset passwords for each user

Store Documents

Upload, access, share and print key shipment documentation. Documents are stored for 7 years and can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF when needed.

Set Up Notifications

You can configure notifications to be sent to you at specified milestones avoiding the need to constantly track shipments.

Keep your suppliers and receivers connected by setting up notifications for them. They are easy to read, packed with useful information and can be sent via email or SMS.

Manage Freight Costs

Access your invoices and statements and download in PDF as needed.

Create Reports

Within Mainchain you can analyse your supply chain by customising reports with filters. Create reports on demand or scheduled as required.

Link Our Systems (EDI)

Through EDI integration you can directly link your systems to ours for total visibility and control within your own business environment. EDI Intergration will:
  • Save you time
  • Improve accuracy by removing data entry
  • Eliminate time spent training your team on a new system

Stay On The Go

Our free mobile app allows you to keep on top of your supply chain direct from your smartphone. Log in with your Mainchain password to access your freight information. Filter by milestone or date range for easy access to the information that is important to you.
Global Visibility

Global Visibility

Our global online customer portal 'Mainchain' provides all the tools you need to manage your supply chain, anytime, anywhere.

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