3PL Warehousing in Australia

Complex pick and pack services for all of your inventory needs.

Pick & Pack Warehousing Services

At Mainfreight we build customised 3PL warehousing solutions that enable seamless supply chains. With expert industry knowledge, in-house inventory management systems, custom built facilities and a growing global network, the decision to outsource your inventory needs is an easy one. What sets us apart is our commitment to flexibility – our activity-driven variable costing models adapt to seasonal inventory fluctuations, ensuring you enjoy all the advantages of a warehouse without being tied down by fixed warehousing costs. 
3PL Warehousing in Australia - At Mainfreight we offer 3PL Warehousing in Australia

3PL Warehousing Services

Warehouses in all major cities and key regional locations allows you to decentralise your inventory management. This will shorten delivery lead times ensuring your customers have your products available for sale as soon as possible.

  • Inventory storage and management
  • EDI integration
  • RF and voice picking
  • Promotional packaging
  • Product recall services
  • e-commerce logistics
  • Hazardous facilities
  • Food grade management
  • Temperature control
  • Scan-packing to meet all retailer labelling requirements

Complex pick and pack services for all your inventory needs

Retail Expertise

Our retail supply chain experience can assist your business to meet the evolving demands of this sector. Our team will pick, pack, stuff and mould ensuring your brand image is maintained with your customers and all major retail customers.

Bonded Warehouses

Our bonded warehouses offer the benefits of customs bonded storage including:
  • Deferred duty and tax payment until products are sold
  • Cash flow advantage while waiting to sell products
  • Products can be re-exported to their origin without the impact of inbound daily payments

Deliver - Supply Chain Efficiency

Our 3PL warehouses are located alongside our transport depots to maximise supply chain efficiencies and minimise handling. This allows a seamless inbound and outbound service for you and your customers.

Hazardous Goods

Our warehouse environment is equipped to store and handle a wide range of hazardous and dangerous goods. This ensures that all orders can be despatched from one compliant warehouse location and transported via our specialised hazardous transport network, Chemcouriers.

Technology for your 3PL Warehouse

Through Mainchain we are able to provide global visibility to our customers of their entire supply chain across all regions and divisions within our business.

Find out more about our 3PL warehousing technology here

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