Community Involvement

As a business we are privileged to work and operate in hundreds of communities around the world. With this privilege in mind, we actively seek out ways to involve ourselves in and support the communities we are part of.

By supporting existing charities and introducing our own initiatives we look to foster the next generation of team members, suppliers and partners.

Books In Homes

Books In Homes

Mainfreight has been part of the “Books in Homes” programme since its inception in 1994 and currently we support over 100 schools across New Zealand, Australia and the USA. 

The philosophy behind the programme is simple – to break the cycle of ‘booklessness’. Kids who can’t read become adults who can’t communicate and that’s a serious disadvantage in a world that operates on the written word. 

Our partnership with Books in Homes allows us to provide books-of-choice to families and children living in remote and low socioeconomic circumstances. This means over 25,000 children each year (across New Zealand, Australia and the USA) are getting new books to read with our support.

We believe our time is as important as our money, so our team members are often present at the book giving assemblies and are involved in mentoring program which allows our team to promote and encourage the enjoyment of learning by reading the books to the students.
Run for the Kids

Run for the Kids

Each year more and more Mainfreight team members take part in the run though Melbourne’s city centre which raises money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Giving on Good Friday is a Victorian tradition, it is all about helping those who are smallest and most vulnerable. 

Mainfreight encourage our team and extended family to participate in the run by covering the entry fee which is automatically contributed to the charity. This is an event our team look forward to being a part of each year as we get together in our blue T-shirts and enjoy a light lunch together after the race, all for a great cause!  
Our team of people all over the world also support community and charitable projects at a local level, with a wide variety of initiatives from fund-raising events, to hosting groups at our facilities, and voluntary time commitments. It’s part of who we are.

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