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Bulk Liquids & Bulk Tanks

Bulk tanks are becoming a more and more attractive option
when moving liquids worldwide due to the proven advantages in space and efficiency. A single 20” shipping container can hold approximately 11,000 litres of bottled liquid, compared with a tank which can hold approximately 25,000 litres – more than twice as efficient!

Our bulk tanks branch is a full service from source to destination, with our global coverage and a large fleet of ISO tanks traversing the globe we provide bulk liquid movement solutions to our customers.

Bulk Tanks (wine & spirits)

Bulk liquids are moved in food grade tanks specific to the industry; these tanks are not used for any other bulk liquid movement other than wine and spirits and we work with only the strictest of hygiene standards and ensure the next load can be safely loaded and avoid contamination.

Our dedicated team understand the quality issues of transporting in tankers and demands of wine, spirit and liquid products reaching the shelves on time.

Bulk Tanks (industrial chemicals)

Committed to the safe handling of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous liquids we move industrial liquids with the highest level of service and safest manner possible. For quality assurance all tanks are monitored for temperature and humidity during shipments in both flexi and ISO tanks.

Key aspects of our Bulk Liquids and Bulk Tanks shipping include:

  • Multi pots allow two or even three separate food grade, liquids or industrial chemicals to travel separately within the same tank. E.g. Whiskey and bourbon or red wine and white wine
  • Refrigerated ISO tanks control the temperature of your products for temperature specific liquid movements that requires refrigeration, including milk.
  • Our compete solution includes modern cleaning facilities where tanks are cleaned inside and out with heating facilities and spinners to ensure tanks are hygienic and ready for the next load.

Our bulk liquids division connects seamlessly with our international shipping and Mainfreight global supply chain network to provide safe, efficient and hassle free service to our customers, for more information on our Bulk Tanks contact one of our team.