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Nationwide Full Truck Load (FTL)

When you have a full truck load of products or equipment to move, there are some significant efficiencies available when using our FTL service that can improve transit times, reduce freight handling and enhance quality.

Whether you’re looking to optimise freight requirements with regular FTL movements, move an occasional large consignment or a one off movement, Mainfreight FTL have a range of options to ensure your freight moves in the most efficient way possible.

Nationwide Branch Network

Full loads moved from any origin to any postcode nationally including the most remote rural destinations.

Any Type of Freight

An extensive range of vehicles and trailer configurations to move all types of freight:

  • A-Trailers, B-Trailers, B-Doubles and B-Triples
  • Skeleton trailers with container pins (container transport)
  • Sideloaders (container transport)
  • Flat decks trailers
  • Drop deck trailers
  • Containers (rail and sea)

Direct Delivery

Our FTL service means that the truck that picks up your freight will directly deliver your freight to the customer. This means no double handling of your product, reducing the risk of damage.

Multimodal Transport

Gain greater efficiencies by taking advantage of our intermodal expertise. Whether by sea, rail, road or air; Mainfreight combine a range of full load transport configurations to deliver cost effective and reliable transport solutions.

Additional Services

Other services include:

  • Over dimensional load transport
  • Police / pilot escort
  • Road closures
  • Project work e.g. complete warehouse relocations

Transparency Through Technology

Through our online technology Mainchain, you can view, track and access PODs (proof of delivery) 24/7 with ease.

Our FTL team are specialist in managing these Full Truck Loads and can discuss any enquiries you may have.