Verona Mainfreight Air & Ocean

124 Via Roveggia VERONA 37136 Italy

Team Members

Jihan Giada Mazouzi
Francesca Perella
Airfreight Operations
Mara Corona Di Segni & Sara Avesani
Oceanfreight Operations

Location overview

Situated in the picturesque city of Verona, Italy, our Air & Ocean branch is a testament to our commitment to expanding and enhancing the services we offer. This addition to the Mainfreight network marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to our valued customers. 

Verona, with its rich history and vibrant economic landscape, is home to diverse industries. Our goal is to understand the complexity of the local market, gaining insights that will enable us to contribute significantly to the growth of major sectors. From small to medium-scale manufacturing, encompassing iron and steel production, leatherworks, to the flourishing wine and spirits industry, our team is ready to support and facilitate the expansion of these vital sectors.

Air & Ocean Freight Services

We are intensifying our focus on building robust airfreight services connecting our main hubs to Auckland (AKL) and various destinations in the United States. Keeping a vigilant eye on the volumes to and from China, we aim to seize every opportunity for air & ocean freight growth within our network.

In a recent development, we expanded facilitation of export and import operations for cargo in south Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. This strategic move not only solidifies our presence in these regions but also underscores our commitment to providing tailored logistics solutions that meet the unique demands of our customers.
Our Mainfreight 100-year vision evolves daily. It is a lifelong outlook.

Our Mainfreight 100-year vision evolves daily. It is a lifelong outlook.

As a global supply chain provider, Mainfreight offers managed warehousing, international and domestic freight forwarding, and air & ocean services. With team and branches across New Zealand, Australia, Americas, Asia and Europe Mainfreight continues to expand its global footprint. Listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange we continue to work towards our 100 year vision.

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