Mainchain Technology

Our customer visibility portal, Mainchain, allows a full view of your supply chain across all modes. With real time data at your fingertips, it allows you to make quick supply chain decisions at any time, day or night.

As an Air & Ocean customer, Mainchain grants you access to the following:


Online Bookings

Create labels, house bills and shipments in Shipment Center. A feature of Mainchain, Shipment Center allows all export documentation to be printed including labels on thermal printers where required. 

The entry screen can be highly automated:
  • Templates for repeat shipments
  • Use your own customer codes to populate forms with saved data
  • Product information saved for easy entry
  • Upload documents at the point of booking
  • Ensures mandatory information is provided
Once the shipment is created the job can be automatically notified to the team at Mainfreight to arrange collection.

Convenient tracking links are available in the shipment review screen.

Oversee Documentation

Upload, access, share and print key shipment documentation, including:
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing declaration
  • Packing list
  • Export power of attorney 
  • Import power of attorney
  • Shippers letter of instruction 
  • Proof of delivery 
  • Other miscellaneous documents 

Manage Purchase Orders

View and manage all your orders at any point in the supply chain. Supplier and SKU filters allow you to focus on individual suppliers or products.
  • Filter orders by supplier
  • Track by product code to see which orders contain that product

Order Management System

Built within Mainchain, Order Management System (OMS) allows you to monitor the status of your orders through the manufacturing and shipping process, anywhere, any time. 

OMS effectively extends our reach and service directly into your supplier networks, so you can have full visibility of the order progress.
  • Order variation control
  • Customised workflow and milestone structure
  • Exception driven – focus on action required
  • All INCO terms
  • Removes communication barriers and inconsistency across the supply chain
OMS solutions are developed by understanding our customers supply chain through detailed workshop sessions.

EDI Integration

Through EDI integration you can directly link your systems to ours for total visibility and control within your own business environment. EDI capabilities include:
  • Export shipment bookings
  • Purchase orders
  • Shipment status
  • Invoices
  • Documents
  • Proof of delivery

Manage Service Inquiries

Inquiries are prioritized and reported on in one central point. You can:
  • Create and receive an issue for a shipment
  • Filter issues through classification including:
    • Labelling 
    • Stock variance
    • Billing accuracy
    • Damage
    • Delay
Automatic reminders and escalation ensure prompt attention to all inquiries lodged. If a team member is away, the task is automatically forwarded to the Team Leader to action in their absence. 

Automatic emails are sent, notifying you when a task is updated or resolved and tracks the steps and the team members who have helped resolve it.


View All Activities

The Mainchain dashboard provides an instant view of all your current activities across all services.
  • Customize your dashboard and 'watch lists' for visibility on shipments for a 60-day period
  • Filter by goods direction, date range and key milestones
  • Information can be displayed as a list or in a graph

Access Tracking Data

Get the most up to date information for each shipment at your fingertips or track through milestones to receive estimated and actual date information.

Comprehensive order-to-door tracking of shipments include:
  • Confirmed departure
  • First transport leg arrival
  • Second transport leg departure
  • Arrrival notice
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo available
Available for you via Mainchain and for your receivers / customers / suppliers via

Retrieve Broader Results

Use the advance search platform to view a broad range of shipment information. Filter and save searches to reduce the need to reapply search parameters.
  • Search one year of data both (past and future)
  • Beneficial for shipments that have a transit time of more than 60 days.

Receive Notifications

You can configure notifications to be sent to you at specified milestones avoiding the need to constantly track shipments.

Keep your suppliers and receivers connected by setting up notifications for them. They are easy to read, packed with useful information and can be sent via email or SMS.

Access Container Details

Track and retrieve container details through key milestones.
  • Container available date
  • Demurrage
  • FCL unload data
  • Slot date
  • Wharf gate out
  • Container delivered to customer
  • Empty ready
  • Detention starts
  • Empty container returned to depot

Receive Proof of Delivery

View and download proof of delivery (POD), which includes the name of the person that accepted the freight.

Manage Freight Costs

Access your invoices and statements and download in PDF as needed.


Create Reports 

Within Mainchain you can analyze your supply chain by customizing reports with filters. You are able to create reports on demand or scheduled as required, including:
  • Order and shipment status
  • Volume and spend analysis
  • Shipment profile
  • Invoice summary
  • Transit times

In-depth Analysis

Mainfreight has a range of reporting tools that add value around service and cost control. These can be specific to your needs. Reports include:
  • Detailed landed costings
  • Various KPI reports
  • Detailed Invoice charge reports
  • Container utilization
  • Missing documents
  • Product history

Discussions with your Key Account Manager can address areas for improvement and agree on corrective action and measurement criteria.

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