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Ocean Freight

Does it really matter who handles your ocean cargo? It's all the same containers, on the same vessels on the same routes, to and from the same ports…. so what is the big deal?

Here is “the big deal”…..

Service: you ring one number and you are speaking with the operations teams. If you don’t get operations, you will get a service team member – operations and service first on the line. That is just the start of the service. - the Mainfreight service difference.

Speed: Its ocean freight – not dead weight. We are going to communicate, operate and move that shipment with what we call “pace”. A proactive approach to bookings, status, updates, changes and delivery information. The team will move quickly with the correct information and approach – BEFORE you and your client need it.  Let’s put it all on the table – if there is ever an issue with a shipment we are working on for a client – we don’t play games. We all know “stuff happens” – ALL news, early and often – good and bad – we will have options, ideas and solutions so the exceptions get resolved in the easiest way possible.

What We Have to Offer: From less than container load consolidations to full container loads… Our relationships with a core carrier group gives us an advantage in equipment and vessel capacity - its just how we do it around here. The lines WANT to work with us and we respect and WANT to help them as well. At Mainfreight –  its about the relationship. With our team, our clients and our partners  - everyone has a special place in our ‘Special Company.’

Full List of Ocean Services We Offer:

  • Global cargo movement and management
  • Door to door control
  • Scheduled consolidations
  • Customs clearance
  • Container and shipment visibility
  • FCL, LCL, Break bulk, special equipment

Click here to find out more information about Mainfreight USA's Ocean Freight Trade Lane Network.

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