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Don’t even think about sending any dangerous goods/hazardous material with ANYONE without the experience and certification to get it done right. You might be asking yourself: ‘Why Do I Need to Use A Specialized Carrier?’

Well, for starters - the penalty for incorrect dangerous goods transport can involve both civil and criminal implications.

ANYONE involved in dangerous goods transport must comply with their responsibilities in regards to packaging, labeling, documentation, segregating, and carrying dangerous goods documentation. But just remember – Mainfreight is there for YOU to assist in all of your dangerous goods shipping needs. Here are some basic details about our dangerous goods services:

What Are Dangerous Goods?
Dangerous goods are classed as any solids, liquids or gasses that can harm people, property or the environment. They can be:
• Radioactive
• Flammable
• Toxic
• Explosive
• Corrosive
• Oxidizing
• Biohazardous
• Asphyxiating
• Pathogenic
• Allergenic
Further details on dangerous goods and hazardous substances are available.
If you are unsure whether you have dangerous goods, contact Mainfreight USA now. 

Dangerous Goods Warehousing
Not sure what to do with your dangerous goods prior to or after the shipping process? Why not let Mainfreight USA store your goods in one of our specialized, climate controlled warehouse facilities.

As part of the Mainfreight Group we provide dangerous goods warehouse facilities. These facilities provide an integral supply chain solution and comprehensive inventory management system for all your dangerous goods. Mainfreight can be the difference in adding certified expertise to YOUR supply chain – let us show you how. For more information on dangerous goods warehousing contact Dallas Wymes @ dallas.wymes@mainfreightusa.com (insert phone number here).

Dangerous Goods Training
All of our branch locations are certified for Air, Sea and DOT transport management. Our team members participate in recurrent training and all of our owner drivers and warehouse teams have dangerous goods certifications. To learn more about getting your team certified or about transportation of dangerous goods, please contact your local Mainfreight USA branch today!




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