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Air Freight

Its just about the same planes to and from the same airports right? NOT EVEN CLOSE….Mainfreight give you choices – carriers, service levels and pricing. We do things a little differently - we place the focus of our business on YOUR business, your clients, your suppliers and your supply chain. We know airfreight is bloody expensive and you wouldn’t use it if you had your way. We also know how to manage the process, lower your costs, give you visibility and put you in control of the shipment. Now you’re probably wondering how we do all this? Well, for starters – if you are new to exporting or importing air freight, our team will sit down with you and explain the shipping process – from what documents are required to how the timing and scheduling works. If you have done this once or twice – you won't get the same old set up and same old results with Mainfreight  – but you WILL get faster response time, shorter lead times, faster access at destination  -which translates into lower costs - which a real partnership should deliver.  

You’re probably still wondering what this is all about - so let’s break it down. In terms of service, we offer different levels depending on what your shipment timing needs are. YOUR timing – not ours. Match this with customs clearance and national networks for destination distribution and the wonder starts to go away. Of course – there are always some rules to work through and safety and security are part of the game. We will manage the documentation and compliance process at origin and destination. Our operations teams are trained to do whatever it takes to drive on time performance and provide continuous updates to all the stakeholders in the process.  For the money that you are paying – nothing less is acceptable.

If you need it – we have some “bells and whistles” too…  These include: Pickup, Delivery, Documentation Services of any and all kinds, AES and AMS filings, 10+2 and ISF documentation, customs clearance services for DDP shipments both within USA and offshore locations, Special Handling, Hazardous Materials, Denied Party Screening services, Exports Licenses, ITAR Compliance, Legalization, Consulate Documents, Letter of Credit processing and Letter of Credit Compliance, Certificate of Origin, and more!  All of these services are offered on a worldwide basis with a few restrictions to certain countries and embargoes. 

In the end, this is just ‘The Mainfreight Way’!  From helping the new guys survive, to helping the experts thrive – we are there for YOU.

Click here to find out more information about Mainfreight USA's Air Freight Trade Lane Network.

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