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Sustainability is for us the way we carry out our core activities as a logistics service provider.  We are aware of the social and ecological impact of our activities and take our social responsibility seriously by running our business not only from an economic starting point, but we also include social and environmental aspects in the decision making processes.  Our ambitions and focus areas have led to an overall CSR program: 'We care for our customers, environment and community'.


Sustainable Innovation

Our  ambition “Making (y)our logistics sustainable”, means that we intend to support our customers to achieve their sustainable goals also. Therefore we are continuously developing sustainable solutions. The ECO-service for international groupage shipments is a recent example of our sustainable solutions and innovations.


CO2 Reduction

As a winner of the Dutch Lean and Green award Mainfreight guarantees reducing carbon emissions by 30% in 2012 from levels recorded in 2007. Besides that, we are intensively working on the CO2 efficiency of our international fleet and also reducing the energy consumption in our buildings.


Profiting From Collaboration

Next to internal measurements Mainfreight focuses on optimisations in the entire supply chain, by intense cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers. We also contribute by means of workshops and presentations, to convince other companies to move into sustainable logistics.  In this perspective Mainfreight fulfills an important role within the Green Freight Europe programme. The programme, which was originally developed under the working title SmartWay Europe,  aims to be recognized as the leading independent voluntary program for improving environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe.


In The Community

Doing business whilst taking into account the sustainable developments of the community, is a necessity for an enduring company. Mainfreight focuses on (traffic)safety and education especially for kids, who are our future. Traffic safety is promoted in the form of blind spot mirror information campaigns. We support charity initiatives, mainly in areas where Mainfreight has its footprint. 


Sustainable Employability

Vitality, employability and competences are of great importance for a sustainable Mainfreight. An enduring company is build by many good people, not a few. Our approach has always been to provide young, intelligent and passionate people with the tools to build their own careers through their own initiatives. By cooperations with educational institutions and government we intend to align educational programs and required competences.


For more information about sustainability at Mainfreight Europe, please contact:

Liane Philipsen

T: +31 (0)314 678 121
E: liane.philipsen@eu.mainfreight.com


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