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User Management

Can I manage and create users myself?

You can create users for Mainchain and Shipment Centre yourself via the option "Admin" -> "user management" in Mainchain. This option is available only for Admin users. An Admin user can be created by Mainfreight.

Can I assign specific rights to my users within Mainchain and Shipment Centre?

You can give a user rights to access track and trace data of one or more customer numbers. In addition, you can specify whether or not a user may have access to Shipment Centre.

New Shipment

What kind of reference do I need to enter at the principal?

This reference number is used by us as a reference for the invoices from Mainfreight and with this number the shipment will be visible in Mainchain. This number can also be used for tracking and tracing in Mainchain. The reference number must be unique and may not be used more than once.

Can I set or change a default pick-up address?

A default pick-up address can be set or changed via the settings page in Shipment Centre.

Can I automatically send my recipient an e-mail with a track and trace link?

That is possible. For each address, you have the option of specifying an e-mail address to which Mainfreight should send a booking confirmation. To do this, you need to open the address with the "Edit pickup address" icon on the right side of the address section. This e-mail address can then also be saved in the address book for the relevant address.

Can I change my shipment after it has been uploaded?

Unfortunately that is not possible. Changes can be made by sending an e-mail to customerservice@nl.mainfreight.com or by replying to the confirmation e-mail.

Address Book

Can I load/upload an address file in Shipment Centre?

Yes, it is possible. Via the Address Book in Shipment Centre it is possible to upload an address file by clicking on "Upload file". The format to be used can be found by first downloading the current address file.

Dangerous Goods / ADR

Where can I enter my dangerous goods/ADR?

If this option is active in your account, you can enter the ADR data in the field "UN number" in the goods information. On request, we can activate the option for entering dangerous goods for you.

Document Upload Functionality

Where can I upload/attach a document when creating a shipment?

If this option is active in your account, you can upload/attach one or more documents in the last step of creating a new shipment. Please use this option only for necessary documents such as: commercial invoices for non-EU shipments or hazard documentation for shipments over water. Packing lists, etc. addressed to the recipient will not be printed and attached to the shipment. We recommend attaching these documents to the pallet(s).

Can I upload/attach another document to a shipment that has already been uploaded?

Unfortunately, this is not (yet) possible. Any necessary documents that you have not been able to upload can be mailed to customerservice@nl.mainfreight.com or by replying to the confirmation e-mail.

Labels, CMR and Loading lists

Which documents should I print when I have created a shipment?

After creating a shipment, you should at least print the labels and attach them to the shipment. Additionally, you can print the CMR or a loading list. Usually the driver has a CMR / waybill with him on which you can sign for delivery / receipt.

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Questions about our Shipment Centre? View our FAQ page here.

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