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IT-Solutions at Mainfreight Europe


For logistic processes, it is essential to manage the information flow. This applies to the information on your goods in the warehouses as well as information on shipments on their way to your customers.  The Mainfreight Group invests continuously in functional IT-solutions. We do this because we believe that good IT offers great advantages for all parties in the Supply Chain. All our IT-solutions are gathered under the name E-Logistics. Mainfreight Group has several IT applications available to you.


Through regular data transfer you can link your own IT-system with Mainfreight's E-Shipment system. When you make use of E-Shipment, our free shipment management system, you can send your shipment data to us by Internet and immediately print the correct barcode labels.

More information about E-shipment

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

To support the warehouse activities Mainfreight Europe uses the WMS Marc-CS. By using Radio Frequency (RF), scanning combined with on-line data processing is possible in the warehouse. Next to goods intake, storage and distribution other processes such as cycle counting and Value Added Services are supported.


Mainchain is our online customer portal; a hub of information connecting all aspects of our worldwide technology network to give our customers up to the minute information. From estimating a quote, right through to viewing POD online and reports on all shipments, Mainchain has detailed information across the entire supply chain, whenever needed.

More information or get a Mainchain login now

Shipment Centre EU – Quick Print Client

The Quick Print Client allows you to configure printers in Shipment Centre EU. The Quick Print Client is required to be installed on a PC, the install process is very simple. The Quick Print Client is then used to configure printers to print specific Shipment Centre EU documentation. Shipment Centre EU will then print directly to your printers via the Quick Print Client.

More information or download the Quick Print Client now





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