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Mainfreight Malaysia Warehouse | Opening

03 November 2022
We are delighted to announce the launching of Malaysia Warehouse on 3rd November 2022.
 The opening of our new warehouse in Malaysia sees our Asian expansion continue. Our warehouse is located at Westport, Port Klang, which is the main port for international freight trades. The warehouse has a built-up space of 60,000 sq ft and is fully equipped with racking systems...(Read More)

100% Electric, 0% Emissions

02 November 2022
The European Transport Days have taken place and our newest assets have been revealed… time to sit together with Bertil ter Maat, Branch manager of Trucks & Drivers in the Netherlands, to look back on the complete process of implementing our 100% electric trucks. Bertil has been with the business for 14 years now and is responsible for all rolling stock—the ideal team member to interview for such developments.

Mainfreight Americas Air - CCSF Facilities

27 October 2022
Mainfreight Americas air teams are excited to share that we are now authoirzed by TSA to screen cargo at our own branches. This label is know as a CCSF - Certified Cargo Screening Facility. A benefit to you and your products as we make shipping with the Mainfreight global supply chain even more seamless and effortless for you. 

Mainfreight Invests in Automated Warehousing Technology

24 October 2022
We are committed to investing in technology that enables our team to deliver efficient and accurate services for our customers. One of our latest investments has been in the space of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). These robots provide a unique warehousing solution that sorts, stores and delivers shelving units directly to point of picking. Check out the video to see these robots in action!

Investor Day | October 2022

21 October 2022
Investor Day for Mainfreight took place on the 21st of October, 2022 at the newly constructed Mainfreight Hobsonville branch in New Zealand

Malaysia Warehouse Grand Opening

20 October 2022
You are invited to the grand opening of our warehouse in Malaysia! Contact us to RSVP to the party and see our Malaysia site. Welcome to join our grand opening party. 

Mainfreight Asia GDP certification update

10 October 2022
We are so excited to announce that Mainline Singapore was awarded the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification in September. In Asia, Hong Kong branch has acquired Air GDP certification and Singapore branch has both Air and Ocean GDP certification.....(Read More)

Grand Opening Party!

06 October 2022
Our largest site in the Americas is here and open for business. The state of the art facility is located right outside of Dallas in Northlake, TX.  Join the festivities on Thursday, November 3, 2022 for an evening of food, drinks, networking, live music, prizes and giveaways!

New Office – Johor Bahru Mainfreight Air & Ocean

03 October 2022
Another new footprint for Mainfreight Malaysia is with the opening of Johor Bahru Office, strategically located at Southern Malaysia. Please click here to learn more.

New Office – Kuala Lumpur Mainfreight Air

23 September 2022
We are delighted to announce the opening of Malaysia Airport Office on 23 Sept 2022, an additional footprint located in Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) Airport Malaysia. Situated within 60 km of the Kuala Lumpur City and Port Klang.
(Read More)

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