Bõöãàrd õöf Dïírééctõörs

Bruce Plested

Appointment to Board 1978 - With Mainfreight since 1978

As Chairman and Founder, Bruce shares his vision for the Company with the Mainfreight team, bringing a particular focus to quality and our culture. Likewise, his strongly-held beliefs relating to the importance of education and of recycling/ sustainability, continue to positively shape the Company’s behaviours.

Don Braid

Appointment to Board 2000 - With Mainfreight since 1994

Don has over 38 years’ experience in the freight industry, including 22 with Mainfreight. His leadership is underpinned by a strong belief in Mainfreight’s global competency and capabilities to provide highquality supply chain solutions for our customers. His visits to our local and overseas operations guide our teams to be sales-focused and always aiming for operational excellence.

Richard Prebble

Appointment to Board 1996

Richard’s experience in economics, law, infrastructure and reform provides immense value. Former Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Transport, Civil Aviation, Railways and Associate Finance. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

Other Directorships:

Hawkins Group Ltd (Deputy Chairman), Information & Communication Services Ltd (Chairman), Seronic (NZ) Ltd (Chairman), and a number of private companies.

Bryan Mogridge, ONZM

Appointment to Board 2003

Bryan has a wealth of experience, both in executive and board roles. He has also lent his considerable support to not-for-profit organisations such as the Starship Foundation. His intellect and pragmatic approach is highly regarded at the Board table.

Other Directorships:

*Rakon Ltd (Chairman), BUPA Australia Pty Limited, Adherium Limited, Clearspan Limited, Starship Foundation (Chairman).

Simon Cotter

Appointment to Board 2013

Simon has a long association with Mainfreight having served as the Company’s main adviser for acquisitions, debt structure and other matters since 2003 (through Grant Samuel & Associates), prior to joining the Mainfreight Board. He brings strong financial skills and business acumen to the role.

Other Directorships:

Grant Samuel & Associates Ltd, and a number of private companies.

Kate Parsons

Appointment to Board 2017

Kate joins the Mainfreight Board with wide financial and analytical experience acquired in a range of industries, both in New Zealand and overseas. Her knowledge of high-tech companies is a welcome addition to the Board’s capabilities, as is her familiarity with the complexities of acquisitions, and steering companies through growth and change.

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