01 November 2021

"Why Apples?"


It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and Mainfreight is handing out thousands upon thousands of apples. You may be wondering, “Why apples?”

Well, the story goes like this:

Years ago, Mainfreight founder Bruce Plested had a friend who had a very large family. This gentleman was less fortunate, and the local doctor saw to his family free of charge. From time to time, Bruce’s friend would bring the doctor a gift of freshly caught fish (a valuable gift in Maori culture) in thanks for the free medical services. This gesture of thanks and the generosity of both men stayed with Bruce.

Sometime later while Bruce was visiting an apple orchard, he reflected on the memory of the story about his friend and the doctor, and decided on the idea of giving a bucket of apples out as a simple gesture of thanks to the team and customers. What started with a few cases of apples has grown to be an annual tradition, and now we distribute truckloads of apples each year. 
Hopefully this clears up a little bit of the mystery surrounding Mainfreight’s tradition of apple giving. We sincerely hope that our friends and customers enjoy them just as much as we do!
Special People, Special Company

Special People, Special Company

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