25 April 2024

The RO e-transport system in Romania

Since 15 December 2023, the obligation to comply with the RO e-Transport system and obtain UIT codes is in force for all international shipments of all types of goods to and from Romania. From 1 July 2024, fines will be handed out if this is not complied with. The system will monitor the movement of goods on Romanian territory. RO e-Transport, already mandatory since 1 July 2022 for goods with a high fiscal risk, includes IT modules for managing goods transport that will generate unique registration codes (UIT codes) for each transport. The person required to file a declaration will make these UIT codes available to the carrier, who will be required to enter them on the transport document.

The obligation to register in the RO e-Transport system, lies with the following users:
•    Export: with the consignee registered in the customs import declaration
•    Import: at the consignor registered in the customs export declaration

We as Mainfreight NL and Mainfreight RO, as carriers of your goods to and from Romania, will relieve you as much as possible. We therefore also rely on your cooperation and the cooperation of your customers in Romania.

The procedure, if you book a shipment to Romania (export) or from Romania (import) with Mainfreight will be as follows:


The day before our departure to Romania, you will receive the below details from us between 12.00 and 17.00 hours:
•    Registration number of the truck / trailer
•    Name of the carrier
•    VAT number of the carrier
•    Border crossing location
•    Date of border passage

You should share this information with your customer in Romania as soon as possible. They can use this information to request the UIT registration code. Once known, they will share this UIT code with you again. You then inform us so that we can further incorporate this code into our processes and documentation. To ensure the entire transport continues to run smoothly, we need this code on the day of our departure before 12.00 hours. We have weekly international departures to Romania every Tuesday and Friday evening. Please note that without the UIT code, we are unable to accept your goods.


Mainfreight Romania will to handle this process. They will communicate with the consignor and share and further incorporate the necessary information into the processes and documentation. The mention of your customer's contact details in Romania, will certainly contribute to a smoother processing of the flow of goods.

We fully realize that this change will have quite an impact on your daily cooperation with your Romanian customers/suppliers. As a service from Mainfreight, we will assist and inform you as much as possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and your operational contact or our customer service team  will be happy to assist you with further questions.

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