01 February 2021

Brexit Update

After 3 weeks of Brexit transport to and from the United Kingdom (UK), we at Mainfreight are trying to optimize the process even further. For example, we see that if the importer's contact details are clearly stated in the shipment or on the invoice, the handling of the shipment on the UK side runs many times smoother. We therefore make an urgent request that, in addition to the importer's contact details which are already mandatory, the importer's email address and telephone number are clearly stated in the shipment (or on the invoice).  

In addition, as a customer you can speed up the process in the UK even more by providing us with the 10-digit HS code instead of the 8-digit HS code. The Chamber of Commerce writes the following about this:

"Each country individually can extend the HS code of a product. Within the EU we have 8-digit codes for goods that you export from the EU (HS codes supplemented with 2 digits). When importing goods into the EU, you need 10-digit codes (HS codes supplemented with 4 digits). These codes are also called commodity codes."

So for an export, an 8-digit HS code is sufficient, but for an import, a 10-digit HS code must be supplied. 

Finally, before you book the shipment with us and submit the data to us, check that your invoice and packing list meet all the requirements and that the data in the digital shipment is the same as the data on the invoice/packing list so that we can further take care of declaring your goods. To know what information must be on your invoice and packing list, we have once again added the completed checklist.


We as Mainfreight are ready for it and will face the coming period with great confidence. The first shipments have successfully arrived and been handled in the UK. We have completely updated our Brexit website with the latest information. Here you will also find the Brexit presentation that answers the most frequently asked questions.  In addition, you can find more information about transport to customs countries on the website of the European Commission (trade.ec.europa.eu/access-to-markets/en/content).

Do you still have questions or would you like to talk further about the Brexit? Please contact your account manager or our customs team at brexit@be.mainfreight.com.

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