Cross Docking

Are you looking for a Supply Chain solution that will save your business both time and money? With our National and International networks we are able to provide a top class cross docking service that can deliver both.

What is Cross Docking?

Cross Docking is a logistics process where products are taken from a supplier and then distributed by the carrier directly to the end user or retails outlets with minimal handling or storage time, bypassing your own warehouse or distribution centre. With branches located worldwide, Mainfreight will handle your goods from beginning to end, catering to your needs as required. There are a number of different cross docking scenarios that we can offer.

  • Distributor Crossing Docking – Consolidating inbound products from various suppliers into one shipment and delivering to the receiver once the last item has been delivered to our depot
  • Retail Cross Docking – A shipment will be delivered to our depot, split, relabelled (if required) and delivered to various customers
  • Manufacturing Cross Docking – A shipment of purchased and inbound products are received into the depot that requires assembly. The warehouse can receive the products and start putting the product together for the production order 

Through our online web portal, Mainchain, you have full visibility of your shipment throughout the process.

Products Suitable for Cross Docking

Some products are better suited to cross docking than others. Some of the most common are:

  • Perishable items 
  • Products pre-tagged (bar coded) ready for sale
  • Promotional items
  • Staple retail products with a constant demand
  • Pre-picked, pre-packaged orders from another production plant or warehouse

Benefits of using Mainfreight’s Cross Docking Service

There are many ways you can benefit from our Cross Docking Service

  • Consolidated airfreight/sea freight movement spreads fixed minimum charges across many individual consignment notes
  • Document sharing availability ensures bottleneck processes are completed prior to physical movement
  • Reducing warehousing costs as the product no longer requires storage/pick and packing services in the warehouse
  • Reducing delivery time between you and your customer resulting in improved customer satisfaction

If you would like to discuss our cross docking service further please feel free to contact your local Mainfreight Team.

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