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Technology and Business Solutions

In the changing world of business you need to take every advantage to keep ahead. Working with a company who provide world class technology solutions will assist in making your business successful.

Being first in our market to introduce innovations such as barcode scanning, online tracking and full supply chain tracking, we have developed our own IT systems over 25 years. Our freight tracking, freight management, shipment portals and dispatch systems are world class. Take advantage of Mainfreight’s technology with our web portal and applications. 

Customer Portal - Mainchain

Our one stop customer portal allowing you access to information across all divisions including Transport, Logistics and International Freight. 

Freight Management - FremanWeb

A full featured freight management system accessed via Mainchain. Create your own consignment documentation including consignment notes, dangerous goods certificates, labels and summary manifests. Consignment data is electronically uploaded directly into Mainfreight’s network.

Track and Trace

Tracking is simple as all our consignments are tracked by barcode throughout their life cycle in the Mainfreight Supply Chain network. Track and trace information on your consignment as it happens. Electronic confirmation of proof of delivery can also be sent to you automatically. Image copies of the proof of delivery are available on our website via Mainchain, our customer portal.

You can access our tracking tools through

Service Requests - OnIssue

Customer services tool that enables all requests and enquiries to be captured at one point, prioritised, allocated, tracked and reported on.

Business Analysis

Ongoing analytical & service oriented support continues for the duration of our partnership. Streamline, control & improve service levels, by improving efficiency across your supply chain.

Continuous improvement opportunities that benefit both parties. Gathering information from your business & through our freight network, our analysts identify areas for improvement & assist with implementation.

To find out more about this contact out Supply Chain Analysis Team

EDI Integration

Streamline your operation by taking advantage of our EDI Integration solution. You will have a direct line into our freight system ensuring we have the right information as soon as it becomes available.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile app gives you access to your consignment and shipments details on the go. Customise your view and set up alerts for instant access to your important shipments. Download your FREE Mainfreight App now.

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