07 June 2024

Shipment Centre Release | June 2024

What’s New 

With this release note we want to inform you about the changes that have been made with the Shipment Centre release of June 2024.

Validation message for ADR shipment

Added validation message on the goods page (Step 2 of the booking freight process) to display a warning if dangerous goods are chosen at the ‘’create quote’’ page but not entered at the ‘’create shipment’’ page. 

Removal of certain commodity codes

Certain commodity codes have been removed from the ''Commodity’’ list. If you want to transport ‘’Hazardous goods/ADR'' goods, it is important that you enter a UN number. You do not need to select a specific ''Commodity’’ type here now anymore.  



New dropdown menu for settings page

A dropdown menu has been created. This dropdown menu provides Shipment Centre users with a shortcut to different pages within the settings. 



Popup to save ADR to dangerous goods

If you want to save certain ADR goods to your Dangerous goods list, you now get a separate popup to enter the name or code under which you would like to save the ADR goods. 

Added price column to CSV export uploaded shipments

A price column has been added to the export file on the uploaded shipments page to include the shipment price.
Step 1: Go to ‘’uploaded shipments’’ in Shipment Centre and press ‘’Export to CSV’’ (bottom right of the page);
Step 2: In Excel go to the row with the title ‘’Shipment Price’’. You can now see the transport cost of your shipments in a CSV file. 

New standard accessorial settings page

Changes to the standard accessorial settings page have been made. It’s now clearer what accessorials have been selected as standard accessorials for all your shipments. 




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