14 December 2021

Service Announcement New Zealand | KiwiRail Derailment

KiwiRail have advised that a north-bound train derailed at 11.00pm on Monday night, on the main trunk line south of Hunterville due to a wash-out, and this has closed the line in both directions.  Heavy rain in the Rangitikei region coupled with restricted access are hindering recovery operations.

Early reports state the partial derailment involved one locomotive and 12 wagons leaving the tracks, thankfully with no injuries.
Most of the wagons are reportedly empty, however freight loaded on rail caught either side of the derailment will be delayed until KiwiRail is able to reopen the main trunk line.

KiwiRail have advised they don’t expect the line to reopen until Thursday the 16th at the earliest.

Our branches are busy notifying customers whose freight is affected. Regrettably, extended delays are now expected as Christmas volume backs up either side of this accident.  Alternatives using road and coastal shipping are experiencing high demand at this time of year.

Our teams appreciate our customers’ support as they manage the consequences of the accident during this period.   

We will provide further updates as more information becomes available.


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