11 May 2017

SENT system introduced in Poland

Poland introduced the SENT system. With effect from 18 April 2017 the law regarding ‘monitoring the road transport of sensitive goods’ came into force. This law regulates that companies who intend to transport goods that are considered by the Ministry of Finance to be ‘sensitive’, including excise goods, must have been registered online in the SENT register on the Electronic Customs and Fiscal Services Platform.

The system generates a one-off authorization code and a unique reference number, which the sender/recipient in Poland must give to the carrier and the recipient/sender in the Netherlands. Once the goods have been delivered, the carrier and the recipient must also register this in the system. The registration number is valid for 10 days and is required with inspections. Carriers who have not received a reference number and a authorization code from their customers, should refuse to load the shipment. The transport of sensitive goods under 500 kg or less than 500 litres does not need to be registered.

Link to the SENT registration system

Penalty when you ignore the SENT system

As of 01 May 2017, penalties will be imposed if registrations are missing or incorrect. Failure to register a transport will incur a penalty of 46% of the net value of the transported goods, but no less than 20,000 PLN (approx. € 5.000,-). The penalty for the carrier who has no registration of the shipment, or if the registration does not comply with the transported goods, is also 20,000 PLN. The driver of the goods, who has not been registered by the client or the consumer, will have to pay a penalty of 5000-7500 PLN.

List of goods

Pursuant to the law, the Minister of Finance will draw up an overview of goods that are to be registered. A current overview of goods that must be registered (incl. CN numbers) is given in the SENT registered goods list.

What is expected of you?

The SENT registration applies to shipments to and from Poland. Also shipments to and from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, who transit through Poland, need to be provided with extra information because of the SENT regulation.

If you book shipments that meet the above criteria by Mainfreight, we must receive the following information:
- Authorization code
- Reference number

If you want more information please contact your local Forwarding team.

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