16 April 2019

New regulations on packaging for shipments to the Canary Islands

We would like to inform you that on 16 April 2019 a new regulation comes into force (Orden APA/1076/2018 of 11 October)/ legislation ISPM-15 which establishes the phytosanitary requirements for the import or entry of wood packaging and stowage in the Canary Islands, aiming to reduce the risk of introduction or dispersion of pests and other organisms harmful to the health and life of plants in the Canary Islands. This is required for all shipments to the Canary Islands with harbours like Las Palmas or Santra Cruz.

According to the new regulation, all wood packaging and stowage, whatever the origin is, must undergo one of the treatments approved and specified in the regulation, and bear the corresponding mark to certify that they have been subject to the mentioned phytosanitary treatment.

The next official IPPC mark must be clearly visible (see the picture at the bottom of the page) with the following information:

XX ISO code of the country of manufacture

000 Unique manufacturer’s code

YY Treatment code (HT, DH, MB)

If the shipment does not meet up to this new regulation, this can lead to delays, fines and destruction of the goods.
We would therefore like to ask our clients to comply with these requirements in order to avoid penalties and additional expenses on your shipments. Mainfreight and SystemPlus can also deliver these certified pallets.

If you have any questions about this subject, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us


IPPC merkteken Canarische eilanden



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