Melbourne Mainfreight Warehousing - Dexter Drive

Melbourne Mainfreight Warehousing - Dexter Drive
37 Dexter Drive EPPING VICTORIA 3076 Australia

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Dexter Drive Melbourne Warehouse  - Mainfreight Warehouse Dexter Drive

Melbourne Warehousing

Dexter Drive Warehouse is a fulfilment facility offering 21,000 m2 of space specifically designed for a variety of goods, including hazardous freight. With a commitment to safety and efficiency, we cater to diverse storage needs, from food grade and bonded storage to specialised dangerous goods handling.

Certifications and Capabilities:

  • NASAA Organic Certified: Ensuring organic products are stored in compliance.

  • Dangerous Goods Storage: Expertise in handling and storing Class 3, 6, and 8 DGs. 

  • Bonded Storage: The storage of goods under bond, delaying duty payment until goods are sold.

  • Food Grade Storage: Safe and hygienic storage solutions for food products.

Storage Capacity:

  • 3,954 Ambient Pallet Spaces: Ample space for non-temperature-sensitive goods.

  • 159 Dangerous Goods Bunker Pallet Spaces (Class 8 & 6): Secure storage for corrosive and toxic substances.

  • 1,797 Dangerous Goods Bunker Pallet Spaces (Class 3): Extensive capacity for flammable liquids.

  • Connected to Transport Depot: Enhancing logistics and transportation efficiency.

  • Multi-mode Storage Options: Flexible storage solutions, including shelving, totes, and bins, to accommodate various product types.

Advantages of a 3PL hazardous goods provider

Our expert knowledge means we can understand our customers’ businesses better, make fast decisions and manage your hazardous goods safely.

Safety & Compliance

Our team follow strict safety practices providing you with the peace of mind that your freight will be stored in the safest and most compliant way.

Custom Segregation

Utilising specialised segregation devices, we efficiently and legally transport multiple classes of hazardous goods within the same warehouse.

Reporting Compliance

Our online reporting and freight management tool is backed by the Australian Dangerous Goods code to validate your dangerous goods paperwork, reducing compliance risks and administration time.

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