04 June 2014

Investment Ensures Brisbane and Perishables for the Long Haul

Fresh flowers, tropical fruit, meat, fish and seasonal products are available in stores all year round. Consumer expectations of perishable product availability have become more demanding over time, triggering huge growth in the variety of perishables needing to be shipped globally.

Shipping fresh products around the world is a highly specialised task. The need for delicate handling, temperature management and speed to maximise the shelf life is imperative. Understanding the unique requirements of freight with a limited lifespan, our perishable team is a crucial partner when sending perishable products internationally.

With branches in Melbourne and Sydney well-established, we are tackling this growth and high demand by opening a new purpose built facility in Brisbane.

Brisbane Perishable Facility

the new purpose built facility is located near the Brisbane Airport to ensure efficient access for urgent and perishable products 24/7. The temperature controlled facility features multiple zones that can be set at independent temperatures:

  • 930m2 surface chilled unloading zone maintained at 12Cº to 15Cº, fitted with automatic rapid rising doors at 2.23m/sec to minimising temperature loss, fitted with safety light beam sensors and integrated floor detectors
  • Freezer -18Cº to -25Cº tailored with automatic fan-stop doors reducing humidity and preventing temperature rise
  • 72m2 specialised freezer designed to quickly cool down cargo using forced cold air-flow system and comprising of two zones maintained at any desired temperature
  • Adjustable chiller maintained from 0Cº to 20°, any optimum temperature for keeping sensitive cargo in its most optimal condition
  • Customs / quarantine office fitted with double glazed windows
  • Reefer box plugs to pre-chill container prior to loading

With firm airline agreements and service offerings in customs clearance, AQIS, fumigation, pre-despatch quality inspections, packing for peak freshness and more, we are supremely positioned to offer a full end to end service to our customers in Brisbane.

If you need your perishable products delivered on time and in peak condition, talk to one of our team members today.


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