11 November 2021

Introduction to Singapore Mainline Warehouse

We are excited to present our Singapore logistics warehouse at 16,000square feet, located in District 22 of Singapore. The warehouse is in a convenient location, easily accessible for our team and customers. Most importantly it’s advantageously near the NEW Singapore Tuas Mega Port. 

The Tuas Port development plays a crucial role in creating a world leading maritime hub. As the biggest port infrastructure in the world, it will provide a competitive edge to the region. The Tuas Mega Port is a major milestone in Singapore’s next generation container terminal development with the long-term project, being built in four phases, scheduled for completion in the 2040s. With construction of Phase 1 beginning in April 2020, the mega port is expected to open progressively from 2021.

Our warehouse is equipped with: 

•       Temperature controlled area
•       Ambient temperature area
•       Staging Area
•       Racking area 


•    Value Added Service
•    Complex Pick & Pack solutions for all requirements from single units to pallets
•    Production Process Planning
•    Inventory Storage and Management
•    In-House IT EDI and System Integration

Let’s see the following video shot of Mainline Singapore warehouse! If you are interested to explore our services further, please feel free to reach out to us. 

For more information regarding our warehouse or services in Singapore, please contact us
Email: MFIAsiaSalesEnquiries@mainfreightasia.com
Singapore Air & Ocean
Singapore Warehouse 
Video Cover_Mainline Singapore Overview Office & Warehouse - Mainline Singapore was established in 2010. Singapore’s geographical location at the crossroads of important trade lines has been favourable. 
Our Singapore Mainline warehouse at 16,000square feet, located in District 22 of Singapore. The warehouse is in a convenient location, easily accessible for our team and customers.

Mainline Singapore

Mainline is our Singapore office & warehouse. Check out how Mainline, our Singapore office & warehouse looks inside.

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