23 July 2021

Going The Extra Mile - Katie Becker

7 years, 3 countries and 11,551 miles later, Katie Becker is opening a warehouse in Toronto as Mainfreight America's first female Warehousing Branch Manager. Katie has gone many miles in her career and with her most recent move, she plans to go the extra mile with the new team and branch she is building in Mainfreight Canada. 

Katie started her Mainfreight journey in Brisbane, Australia in 2014 joining a team of three in the Mainfreight warehouse in Coopers Plain. The benefits of working in this smaller branch provided Katie the opportunity to quickly learn things about all aspects of the branch, not just operations. Within the Mainfreight Three Pillars (which is all about Mainfreight's unique culture) “no job descriptions” is promoted, encouraging team members to experience different parts of the business and allowing Katie the freedom to try on many hats within the warehousing side of the business. In 2016, Katie changed career directions, and with her passion for the special Mainfreight culture, she decided to join the Training & Development Team to help look after and grow their “Future Leader” program, which focuses on the recruitment and development of young, new team members across the business. 

Two years later, in 2018, Katie moved her career in Training and Development to sunny Los Angeles, California, where she not only put a focus on growing and developing the Mainfreight Americas teams but also took on an additional role of auditing the entire region’s warehousing. After a couple years of being part of the training teams in AU and US, Katie was ready to shake things up again. She transitioned back into warehousing and joined the team in LA, where she became an account champion. The background she brought from training, recruitment, and auditing proved her a strong team leader for the Los Angeles Warehousing team and launched her to her latest Mainfreight adventure: Toronto Warehousing Branch Manager.  

At the beginning of 2021, Katie packed up her Long Beach home and moved 2,520 miles to her new home in Canada to build the Mainfreight Toronto Warehousing Branch and the Toronto Team. As the new Mainfreight Toronto Branch Manager, Katie plans to build a solid foundation with a focus on the people, quality, and culture. As her career continues to grow within the Mainfreight business, Katie told us what she is excited for in the future and what it holds for her and the team. “I am excited for the challenges that come with opening a new branch and essentially watching something grow from the ground up.”  She also gives Andrew Hall credit, saying “he did a great job of getting it started and I hope to continue to build it into not only a great branch but a great place for the team to work.” 


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