10 December 2014

ACE Entry Processing – Entry Summary and Cargo Release Capabilities!

Mainfreight’s CHB capabilities continue to grow – and you, our customer, benefits.

Mainfreight believes in adopting new technologies and adapting quickly to changing business requirements. US Customs will require
that all brokers file entries using ACE by November 2015 – but we’re there now.

In March 2013, we quickly adopted ACE – the new “Automated Commercial Environment” for entry summary processing. In 2014, we’ve now an added an important extension of the ACE entry process – it’s called ACE Cargo Release.

We’ve filed thousands of entries using the ACE Entry Summary process. It allows us to file the vast majority of entries for our customers via RLF – Remote Location Filing. Not just formal entries (over $2,500 in value) or informal (less than $2,500 in value) entries- but it also allows us to file Antidumping/Countervailing duty entries remotely. The result? Better, more consistent service and application of the proper AD/CV duty rates by your local Mainfreight broker – and that’s always good for your compliance- and your bottom line.

Another benefit? A lot of post-entry processes are now electronic – if we have to file a post entry correction on an entry now, it’s done electronically. And CBP will approve it by default, with no human intervention. In the past? It was manually submitted and – oftentimes – overlooked or not processed timely. Within the ACE system? These entry amendments are now called PSC’s- Post Summary Corrections – and they’re submitted electronically.

What does ACE Cargo Release bring to the table?

ACE Cargo Release bring a new dimension to getting your cargo released timely- and is especially beneficial for your airfreight imports. Here’s why:

1. ACE Cargo Release allows for electronic “split shipment” releases. Larger airfreight imports often arrive on two or more flights – and the ACE Cargo Release process automates the release, which (in the old, manual days) would require a CBP officer to manually “post” the split releases against the import manifest. And this could – sometimes- take days. ACE Cargo Release allows for an electronic release where we, Mainfreight, post the split releases electronically. The result? You meet your P.O. delivery-date deadline!
2. Pre-filing of air cargo entries- another opportunity. Prior to ACE Cargo Release, we were unable to submit an entry until the freight was confirmed on board. For weekend arrivals, that sometimes meant you paid for an overtime release – or waited a day for delivery when the entry was filed on a Monday. With ACE Cargo Release, we pre-file the entry on Friday- and CBP matches up the release with the airline’s manifest once it’s on the way. Nice!

ACE Cargo Release now applies on most common ports of entry for air, ocean, rail, and truck imports. And Mainfreight is there. We’re leading the way. You’ll see the benefits as 2015 progresses. Other brokers will struggle to learn and implement ACE Entry Summary and ACE Cargo Release. Not Mainfreight – we’re there now.

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