Mainfreight Fleet specifications

Below you will find our Mainfreight fleet including its specification.

Express Vervoer Express transport Loading capacity: 1560 kg* CBM: 11,7 m3 Length: 3,6 m
Distributievervoer Distribution transport With tail lift Loading capacity: 5.850 kg* or 15 Euro pallets CBM: 38,4 m3 Length: 6.1 m
Nationaal Transport National transport With tail lift Loading capacity: 8.900 kg* or 18 Euro pallets CBM: 48 m3 Length: 7.3 m
Citytrailer Citytrailer Single axle wit tail lift Loading capacity: 16.030 kg* or 26 Euro pallets CBM: 70,4 m3 Length: 10,5 m
Nationaal Internationaal transport Nat. / Int. Transport Loading capacity: 16.140 kg* or 36 Euro pallets (Double deck: 72 pallets) CBM: 96,1 m3 Length: 2 x 7.3 m
Zeil huiftrailer Curtain sided trailer Three axle trailer Loading capacity: 31.700 kg* or 33 Euro pallets CBM: 90,7 m3 Length: 13.6 m
Boxtrailer Box trailer Three axle trailer Loading capacity: 30.240 kg* or 33 Euro pallets (Double deck trailer: 66 pallets) CBM: 81,7 m3 Length: 13.5 m
Megaliner trailer Megaliner trailer Loading capacity: 32.150 kg* or 33 Euro pallets CBM: 100,3 m3 Length: 13.6 m
Eco combi LZV Ecocombi (LZV) Loading capacity: 40.000 kg* or 51 Euro pallets CBM: m3 Length: 7.3 m + 13.6 m Total length: 25.25 m CBM: 90,7 m3 +49,3 m3 (=140 m3 total)
Container Chassis Container chassis For the transport of containers: 20 ft , 40 and 45 ft containers.

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