Mainfreight Express

Mainfreight has the knowledge and experience to transport your shipments to different European countries and takes all your wishes in account.

Mainfreight Express

Mainfreight Express is known for their red carpet principal. This principal stands for a VIP treatment: appreciation and special protection. We roll out the red carpet for you and your product! The big European network and close cooperation with local partners make sure Mainfreight Express can garantee this service. The Mainfreight Express network is a big, high-performance network with strong regional partners. With more than 400 depots in 23 countries, there is always a Mainfreight Express partner close to you.

The trucks of Mainfreight Express depart daily from the branches in 's-Heerenberg (The Netherlands) and Genk (Belgium) to deliver and pick up your import and export shipments. Your local Mainfreight Express partner has the knowledge and experience to transport your shipments to different European countries and takes your wishes in account. 

Mainfreight Express network

Trucks from all Mainfreight Express partners arrive daily in the central HUB in Niederaula, central-Germany. In this central HUB, all shipments are being unloaded and loaded in the right truck of the receiving partner. The daily departures from The Netherlands makes sure that we can ensure fast en reliable transit times. The network consists of 16 regional partners spread all over Europe. 

Why Mainfreight Express?

Besides our fast and reliable transit times we also offer:

Fast and reliable transit times

Fast and reliable transit times form the core of our European express distribution system. Central Europe is within a 24 to 48 hour range.

Time Definite deliveries

By using Mainfreight Express your shipments reach the economic centres of Europe, before the recipients lunch break has begun. Mainfreight Express offers a service to different European countries to deliver all shipments, regardless the size and / or weight of the shipment, before 10 a.m. or 12 p.m. In Germany and Poland, for example, deliveries can be made before 10 a.m. and in countries such as Portugal and Norway before 12 p.m.

Below you will find the countries with time definite deliveries:

To several destinations it is possible to shorten transit times by 24 hours. Your pallet shipments and/or packages reach their destinations even faster.

Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR) without additional surcharge

Mainfreight Express also handles the distribution and transport of dangerous goods (ADR) without additional surcharge. Depending on the destination, certain UN numbers and/or ADR classes are excluded.

Click here to view the countries with ADR transport service

Standard cargo insurance up to €50,000 per shipment

Carriers and forwarders are limited by law in their liability for damage and loss of shipments. For example, regular international shipments are only insured up to a maximum of € 9.50 per kilo (based on the CMR limit or AVC limit). If you do not have your own transport insurance, your shipments are insured via SystemPlus up to an amount of € 50,000. This means that light, valuable shipments with SystemPlus are much better, often complete, insured!

If you have a shipment with higher value of €50.000 we advice you to take a separate freight transport insurance policy. Pease contact our Insurance Team for more information. This way you can always have your shipments fully covered.  

Transit times in Europe

Fast and reliable transit times form the core of our European express distribution system. Most shipments are delivered in Europe within 24 to 48 hours.

Please select a country in the below menu and find out more about our services within that country and get in touch with our team.

Single point of contact

One single point of contact, for all your European shipments, who understands your business. This combined with pro-active communication.

Distribution network

Your products are controlled through our comprehensive European partner network ensuring high efficiency in deliveries to any country in Europe.

Local expertise

Our local branch network means we understand your business, make fast decisions and recognise opportunities which simply aren’t apparent when doing business at a distance.

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