18 December 2019

Strike situation in France

As the strike situation in France continues, we are beginning to see further effects of strikes which are having impacts on different parts of the supply chain. As well as impacting pickup and deliveries of cargo and full container loads, we are also seeing further impacts on French Ports throughout the country. Between ourselves and many of our partners, we are doing what is possible to minimize the impacts felt, however as the situation continues it is proving difficult to avoid delays.

Due to the information mentioned above, we are beginning to see delays and changes in rotation as below:

  • Port and depot congestion
  • Carriers attempting to have as many sailings into France between the strikes, often resulting in departures before a strike begins
  • Unloading of import volumes in alternate ports when it is not possible to unload in the port originally planned
  • Replenishment solutions for empty depots that are affected
  • Omitted port calls and unloading in alternate ports, potentially outside of France
  • New bookings not accepted
  • LCL Pickups & Delays are manageable, but delays are seen at the terminals
  • Air Freight pickups and movements are less affected at this stage and will be managed case by case

We will continue to monitor the situation and update where possible with new information. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your local Mainfreight customer service representative. 

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