30 October 2018

Mainfreight Shanghai | Notice of Shanghai Port Maritime Import Declaration In Advance

According to the Shanghai customs requirement, Shanghai ocean shipping import goods need to declare in advance from 27th August 2018. Advance declaration refers to the manifest data transmission in advance under the premise of the consignees of import goods, the entrusted customs declaration enterprises to apply for customs declaration in advance, the customs in advance to handle documents audit and tax levy, after waiting for goods to the port of actually inspection and customs formalities. For the goods that are declared in paperless mode and paid taxes by electronic means, and do not involve the supervision and inspection, the enterprise can completed the preparation and declaration procedures before the declaration in the cargo transportation stage, realize the lifting of good upon arrival at the port, and greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance. In order to facilitate your understanding, and ensure smooth customs declaration and delivery of import goods by our customers, please pay attention to the following contents.

  • In order to ensure the smooth progress of the pre-declaration of import, customers are requested to prepare the import declaration documents in advance one week before the arrival off the ship at the port. (If you need our company to arrange customs declaration, please provide us with the scanned copy of import documents one week in advance to prepare for declaration).
  • Customs duties must be paid within 48 hours and before the port of call.
  • If there are special reasons (subject to the approval of Shanghai customs), the Shanghai customs will be relaxed to the port within three days, and those who exceed the time must go to the customs of the place where the business entity is registered.
  • As the declaration is in advance now, the goods will be released directly after the port. The specific time of delivery will be arranged after the arrival of the goods at the port. Please wait for our notification patiently.

Please visit the website of the general administration of customs, and recommend reading the notice of the general administration of customs no.74 of 2014, notice of the general administration of customs on clarifying the management requirements for advance declaration of import and export goods. You should understand the relevant policies and contents of the customs in detail and make active preparations for the operation of early declaration. Our company will continues to follow up and issue that latest notice according to the implementation progress.

Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative.

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