19 November 2019

Mainchain System Update | November 2019

We’ve changed page names from ‘Logistics Orders’ to ‘Warehouse Orders’ 

We’ve renamed all our ‘Logistics’ related pages and functions to ‘Warehousing’ to help our customers more intuitively understand our services and the features in Mainchain being used.

A list of these page changes are below:

  • Actions: Create Logistics Inward → Create Warehouse Inward 

Create Warehouse Inward

Create Warehouse Inward screen


  • Actions: Create Logistics Outward → Create Warehouse Outward

Create Warehouse Outward Dropdown

Create Warehouse Outward Screen


  • Dashboard: My Logistics Orders widget → My Warehouse Orders widget

New Warehouse widget screen


  • Searches: Logistics Order Warehouse Order

Warehouse search screen


Stay up to date with Notifications from Warehouse Order Placement through to Delivery

  • Customers placing Warehouse Outward Orders through our Warehousing facilities in New Zealand, Australia and the United States can now register for the transport status notifications at the time of order placement.
  • Simply select the statuses to be notified on, and we’ll send out the order picking status and transport delivery status updates when these have been hit.

Note: this only applies when the order is dispatched on one of our currently supported carriers.

Notification Screen



Tracking UpdateTracking Update on Mobile Device



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