28 October 2014

EU Implementing Low Sulphur Regulations from January 1st 2015

The European Union is introducing strict new sulphur laws in a move to reduce sulphur levels in the air. The move is intended to deliver positive effects for the environment and health in general. 

From January 1st, 2015 the new legal requirements will lower the amount of sulphur in emissions from today's 1.0% to 0.1%. This will require shipping lines to switch to more costly low-sulphur fuels. 

What this means for you?

Shipping lines will be implementing a surcharge on cargo with an origin or destination in the new Emission Control Areas (ECA). The surcharge will vary by geography and by trade lane but looks to range from USD$20 to USD$125 per TEU.

Where are the new Emission Control Area:

  • North Sea
  • Baltic Sea
  • English Channel
  • Both Coasts of North America

North America joins in EU low sulphur regulations?

Yes. Over the years North America and the Caribbean has been gradually reducing the sulphur content in emissions from 4.5% to 1% are setting new limits of 0.1% sulphur.

Should you require any additional information please see below links or contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative.

Low Sulphur Surcharge CMA

Low sulphur laws come charging in

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