31 May 2017

Direct groupage line to Ukraine and distribution center for Mainfreight Poland

New distribution center Pruszkow

Mainfreight Poland has just opened a distribution hub in Pruszków for goods transported from Western Europe to Ukraine. This solution greatly improves the efficiency of the network of groupage connections developed by the Mainfreight Group linking eastern countries with EU member states and significantly reduces costs of transport. In May of this year Mainfreight Poland has launched regular transports from Poland to Ukraine.

In addition to individual solutions within the scope supply chain logistics, air and sea forwarding and contract logistics, the Mainfreight Group also provides a wide range of road transport services. The operator dynamically develops its network of groupage services within the European Union, also providing transport connections from the countries of Western Europe to Romania and Ukraine. Mainfreight Poland plays an important part at every stage of this process due to its convenient location in the center of Europe, knowledge of legal procedures, customs regulations and Eastern European work ethics. Thus, the company assumes the role of a transit hub and a gateway between the East and the West of Europe.

Groupage line to Ukraine

For over a year, we have been organizing groupage transports of goods from the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland to Ukraine. Initially these were irregular transports. However, since March of this year, the volume of consignments has been increasing steadily, and in May Mainfreight Poland launched a regular groupage line between Poland and Ukraine, as well as a consolidation and distribution hub in Pruszków for consignments from the European Union.

Consignments that are to be delivered to Ukrainian clients are stored in our warehouse in Pruszków, picked and prepared for further shipment to the East. Depending on the amount of cargo, every Friday at least one vehicle departs from Pruszków to Kiev. The most commonly transported goods, are: small household appliances, components for industrial production processes and clothing.

Apart from consolidation, order picking, as well as loading and unloading of consignments in in its distribution hub in Pruszków, we also handle all matters connected with documentation, customs and administrative issues, gathering of documents and proper loading and securing of cargo. The solution provided by Mainfreight Poland within the scope of consolidation of groupage consignments not only greatly influences the optimization of transport costs, but also shortens delivery times to Ukraine.

“The time of order execution often depends on the price. For example, if you want to ship 2 or 3 pallets to Ukraine from France, we have to consider the costs of a dedicated vehicle. If we want to cut down on the costs of transport, we have to wait for a larger volume of cargo. This way the delivery is more profitable. By consolidating consignments we reduce the costs per pallet, as we no longer need to wait for a larger order. This also help us shorten the time of order execution, "says Piotr Skipor, Operations Director of Mainfreight Poland.

“Furthermore, we offer direct groupage connections to the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Handles daily imports from France, the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries. As for export, transports from Poland in the above directions depart twice a week. Additionally, we also cover Spain twice a week and once a week handle shipments to and from Portugal, " proudly lists Piotr Skipor.

The operator intends to further invest in the development of transshipment centers and groupage lines. The company expects significant increase in cargo volume in the near future. Particularly when it comes to goods transported to and from Italy, as well as the launch of a direct groupage connection between Poland and France and vice versa.

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