01 September 2017

Customs Duties can be paid directly to US Customs!

Mainfreight, Inc. is a strong supporter of the “ACH” duty payment process!

This means that your customs duty/fee obligations are paid directly to US Customs from your bank account. We charge a disbursement fee of 2.5% on all such funds we may pay on your behalf- save that money and pay direct! Please contact us at chb@mainfreightusa.com and we will be happy to forward a copy of the ACH application form to you – you can submit it directly to Customs, and they will issue you a “Payer Unit Number” (PUN) – this is a six-digit code very much like a PIN code. You will provide that number to us, your customs broker, and designate individuals to receive the duty statements from US Customs! Then, 10 days after your shipment has cleared Customs, you’ll receive a “duty statement” from US Customs, and the funds will be debited from your account. 

Even better? Once you have the ACH process established, you can request participation in an interest-free process called “Periodic Monthly Statement” – or “PMS” for short. How it works is pretty cool- instead of paying duties/fees 10 days after a release from Customs? You can pay – once per month- for all shipments cleared thru Customs the “PRIOR” month! So – if you had shipments clear Customs on August 1, 5, 13, and 20? You’ll pay the combined duty amounts to US Customs on the 15th working day of September – that’s September 22, 2017. Wow. Get ACH in place- and give your local Mainfreight Customs Brokerage teams a call – or you can reach us at chb@mainfreightusa.com for more information – we’re glad to help!

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