01 November 2018

Are you exporting to New Zealand? Ministry of Primary Industries evaluation processing delays

On Friday October 5th the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) published an update regarding delays in the processing of quarantine clearance of goods imported into New Zealand.

MPI has acknowledged the long delays in obtaining BACC application responses, and an understanding of the effects on the logistics chain.

MPI Evaluators processed 20,949 applications in September 2018, and they expect this to increase by up to 10% as we move through the importing peak months before Christmas. They have told us that the compounding effect of high volumes from the month before and this will continue to have an effect until at least Christmas.

As a result MPI have advised that the at an average turnaround time of 7-9 days throughout the coming months is the expectation.

MPI has invested in additional resource and training to address the backlog but do not expect these measures to have a material effect before the end of the year.

The Mainfreight Customs Clearance teams are working hard to mitigate the effect of this situation on our customers. To help us accomplish the best results for you, please aim to have Commercial Invoices, Quarantine Declarations and Bills of Lading for all shipments through to your broker as early as possible after vessel departure at origin.

For Biosecurity risk goods ex Australia to NZ we ask that commercial invoices and quarantine declarations are provided to our brokers 3 working days prior to ETD, with Bills of Lading to follow when available.

For all other origins, we are requesting all documents as soon as possible after vessel departure at origin.

For regions with BMSB restrictions, please have documents through to us at least 10 days prior to ETA.

While MPI and the Ports, Shipping lines and container parks are in talks to provide storage or detention relief, there is no agreement as yet. Given this it must be assumed that demurrage and detentions costs will be applied.

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