Pallet Pool - EURO pallet exchange conditions 

The agreement to exchange EURO pallets exists between the shipper and the consignee of the goods. As a provider of transport solutions, Mainfreight can facilitate the exchange process. If it is agreed in writing with Mainfreight that EURO pallets will be exchanged, this will be done for our groupage service based on the conditions listed here (part- and full-load shipments on request):

Exchange countries

Mainfreight supports EURO-pallet exchange for shipments which are sent form any of the below listed countries to any of the below listed countries:
•    The Netherlands
•    Belgium
•    Luxemburg
•    Germany
•    Austria
•    Switzerland
For shipments to or form any other than the above mentioned countries, the EURO-pallet exchange process is not supported by Mainfreight.


There is a EURO pallet exchange fee of €2.50 per EURO pallet shipped. This fee covers the costs incurred by Mainfreight in keeping records of all EURO pallet transactions, returning (transporting) exchanged EURO pallets to shipper, as well as preparing monthly EURO pallet balances.

Depreciation rate

Mainfreight charges a depreciation rate of 15%. That is, for every 100 EURO pallets exchanged, Mainfreight owes 85 EURO pallets to the shipper.

Moment of exchange

The recipient must exchange EURO pallets immediately upon delivery without moving the truck. The pallets must therefore be ready. If the consignee is unable to do so, Mainfreight's obligation to return the pallets that have not been exchanged expires. On the balance existing between Mainfreight and the shipper, these EURO pallets will be credited to Mainfreight and debited to the shipper.

If, after a non-exchanged delivery, you agree with your consignee that they should still deliver the EURO pallets due, you can book a separate transport order for this with Mainfreight. For this you pay the usual transport costs.

Balance statements

Mainfreight keeps a record of all EURO pallet transactions. It must be indicated on all formalities (including bills of lading) that EURO pallets are involved. Each month you as a customer will receive an overview of the transactions and the netted EURO pallet balances. If warranted, we can discuss how to resolve any outstanding balances.

Example of EURO pallet balance:

1.    Shipper sends 1200 EURO pallets to EURO pallet exchange countries.
1200 EURO pallets are debited to Mainfreight (credited to shipper) on the EURO pallet balance sheet

2.    100 EURO pallets are not exchanged        
100 EURO pallets are debited to shipper (credited to Mainfreight) on EURO pallet balance sheet

3.    15% of 1100 EURO pallets exchanged are written off for quality loss
165 EURO pallets are debited to shipper (credited to Mainfreight) on EURO pallet balance sheet

4.    Mainfreight returns 800 EURO pallets to shipper
800 EURO pallets are credited to Mainfreight (debited to shipper) on the EURO pallet balance sheet

5.    EURO pallet balance        
135 EURO pallets, in favor of shipper

Example of total costs for shipper:
1. 1,200 EURO pallets sent to exchange countries a € 2.50 per EURO pallet is € 3,000.
2. 100 non-exchanged EURO pallets to be replaced/redeemed by sender or still owed by sender to receiver.
3. 165 EURO pallets (15% of 1100) are written off for loss of quality.

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