29 August 2012

1st Birthday at the Fremantle Port

Twelve months ago Owens Transport expanded its operations to include Perth, Western Australia. Our move into the West was driven by an opportunity to become one of the only truly national container transport companies in Australia. The reception of Owens in Perth has exceeded our expectations and we are already a large player in what is a very competitive and interesting market.

The Fremantle Port… Location, Location, Location!!!

Fremantle Port Owens TransportThe Fremantle Port is the sea gateway for container freight for Western Australia. Just 4 and half days away from Singapore, the Fremantle port is located to connect Australia with Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe in all container freight movements.

Any of you that have experienced the Port of Fremantle in Perth has an understanding the effects of the resource boom that Western Australia is currently enjoying.

The inner port in Fremantle handles more the 600,000 teu (twenty foot containers) a year; while the outer port manages all the break bulk and project shipping. Owens Transport provides importers and exporters with service at both Fremantle ports.

Things are seen a little different in the West, transport rules and regulations vary from the East Coast. It is not uncommon to regularly see road trains, low loaders with heavy and out of gauge products, vehicle escorts and the odd 28 tonne container requiring delivery. We look to continue learning and developing our team and service offerings as we grow to be the leader in container transport in Perth. As our operations manager, Samantha says “we’re here to paint the town red!”

Owens Fremantle – Looking Ahead

Any new endeavour will have both highlights and challenges, and Owens Transport has had many of these. Many lessons have been learnt and they have only made us stronger and hungrier to exceed our customer service expectations.

Looking toward our second year, with our ever growing presence we now have ten trucks, six side loaders and our own depot. The depot has 2,400m2 of warehouse space and over 5,000m2 of hardstand. We will be able to replicate the services provided on the East coast such as container pack/unpacking, storage (pallets and containers) and improved operational flexibility.

For more information about Owens in Perth and our container transport presence at Fremantle port, please feel free to contact us here..

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